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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homecoming King!

This past weekend was crazy to say the least!  Thursday Tucker came down with the stomach virus.  Bless his little heart, he was throwing up (which he had never done before) and was just plain pitiful.  I sat up all night with him and rocked him just in case he got sick... and he did... several times.  

I just can't stand it when he's sick.  

Wednesday night we had taken him to the Dr. because his ears were hurting (he had been on an antibiotic since the previous Thursday for red ears).  The Dr. told us it was just fluid and pressure built up but to keep giving him the antibiotic and he would be fine.  

Friday night my nephew Zack, who is a Senior this year, was in his high school's homecoming.  We were so proud that we won Homecoming King!  (I was homecoming queen at the same school 11 years ago!)

My handsome nephew escorting one of the senior maids

 Being crowned

Homecoming Queen and King

He is handsome, although I'd never tell him so!

I haven't had time to edit any of these but here is our traditional picture together!

I wish I could say the rest of our weekend was fabulous, but I can't!  Later Friday night I came down with the stomach virus too!  It was awful!!  The headache that accompanied the virus was probably the worst part.  During the same night, Tucker had a fever and since his febrile seizure I totally freak out when he has a temp so, we called my mom and she came down and took care of him so Justin could get some rest.  The next morning we woke up to Tucker looking like this...

He was broken out all over his body.  I seriously thought it might be the chicken pocks.  My mom took him to the Dr. since I was sick and Justin stayed with me.  The Dr. said he had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he had been on (for a week no less!) and gave him a new antibiotic and a steroid to clear up the rash.  

During the night Saturday and  on into Sunday both Justin and my dad got the stomach virus!  Justin, Tucker and I had to miss church (which we NEVER do) because we didn't want to make anyone else sick.  Unfortunately, my niece Emma Beth came down with the virus yesterday!

Poor Tucker still has his rash... it looks better, but it's still there.  I'm thankful that I was able to come to work today, but don't feel like I had a holiday weekend!  I demand a do-over!!

Hope your weekend was much better than ours!

Praying we all recover soon and that sickness stays away from our house for a while!


New Years Eve

New Years eve around our parts (North Mississippi) was rather warm this year, er, last year?!?!  Anywho, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played outside.

Tucker loves being outside

Tucker decided he would ride the "roller coaster"

He could take the little yellow car and put it in place all by himself!

And get on by himself

and kick off by himself... I think you get the point :)

And of course we had to relax a little after all that hard work!

Happy New Year

On New Years day we went and got Tucker's new bed.  We had decided he might sleep better in a "big boy" bed.  

Our new Comforter from Target

Our new "big" bed

See I told you it was "big"!

Underneath you can either use it for storage or as a fun play area.  

Tucker has done well sleeping in his bed so far, he hasn't been in our bed since we got this one.  "We" however have had to sleep with him most nights, but at least he can't push us off!  

Hope your new year is very blessed!



Oh. my. word!  I know y'all think I've totally disappeared but things around here have been CRAZY  since Christmas!  So I'm going to try to catch up by doing several posts today (or this week, maybe).

We had a fabulous Christmas!  I think we all got everything we wanted.  Tucker definitely got way more than he needed.  We have toys running out our ears in our house.  We can barely walk through the living room!  Of course, I have pictures to document our Christmas... Sorry for the overload of pictures!

Our Tree

Love my Santa painting and Christmas dishes!

Tucker got camo antlers from his Sunday school teacher.  Of course he put them on himself!

Baking Christmas Cookies

Lol trying to get a "good" pictures sometimes is impossible!

On Christmas Eve

Christmas at Pop and Nanny's house (my parents)

Some of my nieces/nephews (Emma Beth, Jackson, Mason and Ethan)

Opening presents

More presents

and more presents 

and again...

Christmas with Paw Paw and Maw Maw (Justin's parents)
(Connor, Tucker and Emma Grace)

Opening MORE presents lol

He liked getting on top of his presents more than playing with them!

Aunt Melissa helped us make Reindeer Food (Glitter and Oats)
Putting out our Reindeer Food

Tucker really liked this!

Putting out Cookies for Santa

 Christmas morning with our goodies from Santa!

He LOVED his cozy coop

Christmas morning with Mommy

He loved the candy in his stocking the most!

Christmas morning with Daddy

Thanks Paw Paw and Maw Maw for my new picnic table!

Whew... yeah that was a lot of pictures!  We had a great Christmas though and I hope that y'all did to.