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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Girls Night Out

Y'all I am super stoked about Rebel football starting this Saturday.

Last night I went to a "Girls Night Out" paint party where we painted "Football Frenzy."  There were a lot of excited Ole Miss and State fans there!

A few weeks ago, I went and painted our beloved Colonel Reb.  Col. Reb was way hard to draw, but I thought it turned out super cute!

Looking forward to a great winning Rebels season!  

Hope your team has a winning season as well!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Summer

So my summer consisted of spending a lot of time on the road with this sweet guy...

to spend time with this sweet guy in Jackson, MS...

we went to a Mississippi Braves game and had a blast...

spent a lot of time playing at the park and swimming in Daddy's pool...

we even had time this summer to road trip it to Biloxi to hit up the beach, although Tucker was afraid of the ocean because as he put it, "there's alligators in there"!  He cracks me up!!

We miss Daddy while he is away working, but we like to send him special messages to let him know just how much we do miss him...

We are vey thankful that Daddy has been able to make it home on the weekends lately.  I feel as thought we all live on the road!

So that pretty much sums up my summer... work, travel and spending time with the ones I love most.

Hope things slowwww way down soon!

Have a great one!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Hi all!  I know you all thought that I totally disappeared!  I know it's been almost 4 months since my last  post... oh my has it really been 4 months?!?!... but seriously I have been extremely busy!

I'm so thankful that school has started for our kiddos and it's been a smooth start at that!  One of the greatest things about school starting up is FOOTBALL season!!  Whoop whoop!  Our hometown had it's first home football game since 1930.  I kid not!  My hometown school is super small but we are very proud of our football team.

Our school started football about four years ago, and slowly but surely our sports complex was finally completed over the summer.  You cannot imagine how excited we are, and boy did we rock the house.

Our first home game was Friday night August 17.  We had a total of 1,200 in attendance!  Let me tell you that that was major for our little town of 600!  We played cross county rivals H.W. Byers and won!  32-6.  It really was an amazing night and we look forward to Friday Nigh Lights!  Our next home game will be September 14.  Can't wait!!

My nephew's painted the Cardinal... they did a great job!

My sweet little guy and me!

Love It!

Getting ready for the kick-off

This Saturday will kick-off the season for my beloved Ole Miss Rebels.  We are excited to have season tickets again this year.  We wish Coach Freeze a great and winning season.  Hotty Toddy!

I promise I'm going to do better with my little blog here.  I'll have to let y'all in on what all I have been up to over the summer.  

Have a great week yall!