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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Happy

A few things that are currently making me happy happy...

1.)  My Ole Miss Rebels are 2-0!  This makes me super happy!  Originally I had planned on giving my ticket to Saturday's game to my nephew since my he has been a huge Texas fan his whole life.  I was really hopping to somehow find a way to the game since I heard that Matthew McConaughey was going to be in town to cheer his Longhorns on.  Well, this morning my sister-in-law called to tell me that she was able to get my brother and nephew tickets so I could actually go!  Yay!  Hopefully I'll be able to spy that hottie!!

Justin and I at last Saturday's game against UTEP

2.)  My sweet niece Emma Beth was in a little pageant at her school and WON!  She had 22 little darlings in her group.  She was beautiful!  We now have our very own "Honey Boo Boo!" lol

Emma Beth

3.)  I have to brag on my sweet Tucker just a little bit.  Tucker has been in big boy undies for almost 3 weeks now.  We have had only a few accidents.  We still put a pull up on him during nap time and bed time.  He is doing so great!  I really could not have done this without our awesome babysitter.  She has been a God-send through this whole thing.  Couldn't be prouder.

Sorry no picture :)

What's making you happy happy this week?