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Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Tucker!

My sweet baby boy turns three today.  

He brings so much joy and love to our lives each and every day and never ceases to amaze us with the things that he has learned.

Here is a recap of your second year of life.

  • In December you had your very first stay in the hospital since being born.  You had a mild seizure caused from too high temperature after getting your little flu shot.  This scared mommy and daddy beyond belief!  Thankfully we haven't experienced another seizure.
  • In January you got your first big boy bed.  Although you only slept in it twice :) you love jumping on your bed and playing in the storage area underneath.
  • You had tubes put in your little ears in February.  Since then you haven't had an ear infection!  Yay!
  • In April you had your first trip to the Zoo.  You had lots of fun with cousins Emma and Connor. Can't wait to go back!
  • In June Mommy and Daddy took you to your first minor league baseball game to see the Mississippi Braves.
  • In August you started using the potty and completely wearing big boy undies all the time.  Mommy and Daddy really like this!
  • In October you went to Build a Bear for the first time and built a Bunny that you named "Rabbit"
  • You can recite your entire alphabet and not leave out a letter!
  • You have been able to spell "Tucker" since early spring.
  • You can count to 20.
  • You know most of your colors when you're not being silly!
Funnies and Favorites:
  • Your favorite song is "Country Girl Shake it for Me" by Luke Bryan and you sing this all the time.
  • You love to sing and say your prayers.
  • Your favorite shows to watch are "Team Umizoomie" "Phinneas and Ferb" "Bubble Guppies" "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" "Little Bill" and "Little Bear"
  • Your favorite movies to watch are "Toy Story" "Cars" and "Open Season"
  • You say "Oh Mom" when I tell you to clean up your mess.
  • Sometimes when Mommy and Daddy are getting on to you you say "Whatever"
  • You carry a baby doll around and think that she is your "Baby Sister"
  • You play baseball, basketball and football in the house everyday.
  • You can hit and throw a baseball like no-ones business!  
  • You say "Oh Shoot" quite often.
  • You tell Mommy and Daddy "I lub you" many many times a day.  We like that too!
  • You wear mostly 3T and 4T tops and 2T and 3T pants
  • You wear a size 8.5 shoe
  • You weigh 
  • You are    tall
Mommy and Daddy love you so much Pumpkin! 



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  1. Thanks for inviting us today! We had fun and enjoyed catching up with everybody!