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Friday, December 9, 2011

Just a few things...

Wow, I have been really lazy lately with my blogging!  

The last time I blogged we were celebrating Tucker's actual birthday.  That weekend we had a Mickey Mouse party.  We had the party at my parents house and invited mostly family and a few friends.  Tucker had a great time.

This is a really bad picture, but it's the pinterest inspired banner that I made for the Party!  I thought it turned out too cute.

Tuckers cake was both adorable and delicious! (I got the cake idea from Pinterest too)

Blowing out the candle.

My sweet birthday boy!!

Eating cake

Opening presents

Tucker with his daddy (Ordered Tuck's shirt from but got the idea from Pinterest)

On Thanksgiving Day we always put the tree up at my parents house, and this year was no exception.  Tucker was a lot of help.

Doing a little cleaning before putting up the tree.

Of course, he had to "help" Pop get the tree down from the attic!

Opening the tree box.


He thought he'd be able to help more if he was "inside" the box!

Helping Pop put the tree together.

I actually remembered to take pictures this year on Thanksgiving

Tucker with his "T" for Tucker Turkey shirt (Also ordered from

Tucker with Daddy

Tucker and Mommy

Thankful for my sweet family!

Last Friday night we went and had pictures taken at Portrait Innovations... bad idea!  Even though we had a reservation we had to wait forever because they were extremely busy!  We only were able to get a few shots and were not pleased with any of them, but chose one anyway.  Thus our Christmas card...

I love shutterfly!  I have ordered several things from them and have been so pleased!

We have already had two days with snow!  I can never remember it snowing before Christmas.  We took a picture in the snow we had on Tuesday.

We didn't get a lot of snow and it was all but melted away by the afternoon, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

We have been so busy this month!  Tonight we are having a little family birthday dinner for Justin's sister Melissa, tomorrow night we have our Christmas dinner with our Church family and Sunday night Justin is preaching at our church.  

Hopefully I'll do a better job of blogging about what's going on!

Hope your weekend is very blessed!


  1. so cute! we havent got any snow yet =[
    and I love that pic of yall on thanksgiving!

  2. Love the birthday banner! Great job with everything!