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Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday!!!

Wow, you guys!  What a week!!  I don't know about y'all but I'm super glad it's Friday and that next week is SPRING BREAK!!!

This week has been kind of crazy for my husband and I.  We live in an older house that my dad grew up in.  We like to call it the weening house because two of my brothers and I have lived in the house after we married.  It's a little house but it's done us fine, until this week that is.  The wiring throughout the house is original and on Sunday we started experiencing some electrical problems.  None of the light switches worked and only some of the outlets worked. So I call up my dad and he and my husband went up in the attic space to check out what was going on.  My husband said the wiring looked horrible and he was really surprised the house hadn't caught fire before now.  SCARY!  So, we decided to pack up and head down to my mom and dad's house (only two houses down from our own) and stay until it was all fixed.  Well folks, last night was our first night back in the house and it was so nice.  There is really nothing like sleeping in your own bed!  Tucker must have missed his bed too because at 7:20 this morning I had to wake him up to get ready to go to the baby sitters.  Justin and I were worried that since Tucker had either slept in the bed with us or my parents since Sunday that he wouldn't want to sleep in his bed, but he did fine!  I am truly thankful for God's watchful eye!!

Yesterday was Tucker's 16 month birthday!  My sweet baby is growing up so fast.  I meant to take a picture, but guess what... still no batteries in the camera.  I really need to do that!

Next week Justin and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary.  Some days it feels like we've been married for 10 years (not in a bad way) and some days it feels like it was just yesterday.  To celebrate, we are going to eat at The Rendezvous in Memphis,TN.  I can't wait!  We have never been but have heard how wonderful the Ribs are... 

Rendezvous Ribs: 2 Slab of Ribs

photo via


When Justin and I celebrated our First Anniversary we went to Memphis and spent the night.  We stayed at The Madison Hotel in downtown.  How lovely!  We also found out we were expecting!  What a wonderful way to remember our first anniversary.  

Hopefully I'll remember the batteries for my camera so I can take some pictures this weekend.

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I would be helping with the Pilgrimage tour this year, but sadly I'm not going to be able to :(.  I had already committed to going to a show with my Mom and just found out it's the same weekend.  Oh well, maybe next year.  I am going to continue with my Pilgrimage posts though.  This week I'll be telling you about Athenia.



photo via

330 Salem Avenue.  This Greek Revival home was built by Judge Jeremiah W. Clapp, a member of the Confederate Congress.  The home features priceless Zuber wallpaper and it's original bronze gasoliers which have been converted for electricity.  The home is currently owned by Dr. Ben Martin and is considered by some experts to be the finest example of classical Greek architecture in the state.  The owner's collection of art and antiques gracing Athenia is unsurpassed in the area.

excerpt from last years pilgrimage brochure

Well guys, I guess this is it for today.  I'll try to blog a little better next week, but since it's Spring Break I'm not sure what I'll be doing.  Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


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  1. How sweet to find out you were expecting on your first anniversary weekend! I hope you have a great time in Memphis - those ribs look amazing!