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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Not So Good, Rotten Wal Mart Photo Experience!!!

Ok, so I know I got 50 free Christmas Cards with Shutterfly, but I really needed at least 100 cards to send and the ones I picked out were a little more than what I was expecting to spend.  To save a little $ I decided I'd just go to Wal-Mart and print some off since they were only $.75 for 5X7 cards. 

I decided I'd go on over to the Holly Springs Wal Mart during my lunch.  This was mistake Numero Uno!  The machine I chose to use was awful.  You had to touch the screen with much force to get it to work.  I even had a man to tell me that to be a little petite thing I sure was shaking the machine! lol!!  I was punching it pretty hard, but it was working my nerves having to touch it so many times to recognize my touch.  So, anyway I FINALLY got my picture order sent and took my ticket.  It said wait 30 min. for the pics to print. I walked around and did a bunch of nothing and in 30 min. I went to retrieve my pictures only to find out the stupid machine didn't print out all of my ticket and the part I needed to scan to get my pictures was missing. UGH!!!!  I finally found someone working in that department to come help me.  He got my pictures out and they looked fabulous (or so I thought, I'll get to that part in a minute).  I was ready to check out when the little guy informed me that they didn't have envelopes to match.  OMG!!!!  I told the guy had I known that I would have printed the 4x8's instead.  He told me he could give me a discount and I could take the pictures as is or I could come back later and talk to the manager.  SO come back I did!  I was fuming at this point.  I mean really, this is so ridiculous! I was so mad.  Why didn't they just put up a little sign saying "NO 5x7 Envelopes".

I decided I'd call the Wal Mart in New Albany and inquire about 5x7 envelopes, and sure enough they had some.  They told me to just bring my pictures in and they'd give me envelopes.  I calmed down after this.  I went back to get my pictures and the little guy had the nerve to tell me that they called around and they don't furnish Wal Mart stores with 5x7 envelopes.  I didn't tell him that I had already called around and knew for a fact that he was lying.  He did give me a discount so I ended up only having to pay around $15 for 50 5x7 pictures instead of $37.50.  

So, my mom went to Wal Mart in NA after her weight watchers meeting (she lost another 3 1/2 pounds by the way) and she told me they had several boxes of 5x7 envelopes that they had been ordering for months getting ready for the Christmas season.  

I was so excited to get my pictures stuffed, so I brought them to work with me.  I was looking over my card only to notice they have a TYPO!!!  The stupid machine was so hard to handle that it didn't pick up the "a" in Holiday.  I am so embarrassed, but after all the trouble I went through to get these, I'm handing them out anyway.  So everyone can just have a Happy Holidy!  lol! I guess next time I'll read over my cards carefully before submitting my order and I DEFINITELY will NOT be using the Wal Mart in Holly Springs ever again for my picture needs.  I should have know better because I had a similar incident last year when using them.

Anyway, just wanted to rant and rave a little more about my not so good, rotten Wal Mart Photo Experience!

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