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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little of this, a little of that!

Once again I am thanking my God for keeping us safe during the horribly rotten weather we had over a three day period.  This is truly a reminder that God is in control!

Please pray for those who had loss of life and property in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.  I think the last I read the estimated loss of life from this storm system was up to 173 people.  

We had one loss in our county here in Mississippi.  A gentleman was washed off the road in a flash flood and drown.

Thankfully, we didn't have any Tornado touch downs where I live, but we were under several Tornado Warnings over the course of two days.  We spent about an hour or so in a storm shelter behind my grandparents house on Tuesday night.  This was the first time we've used the shelter since my grandpa had it installed about 10 or so years ago.  We usually just hit the bathroom but since we now have a little one we thought it best to head on over to the shelter.

We've had some major flooding and we sent the kids home early from school yesterday because roads and bridges were washing out and we were afraid that if we didn't go ahead and send them home, we wouldn't be able to get them home.

Here are a few pictures of Tippah River where I'm from that my husband took on his Iphone.

Click on picture to make larger and to read some of the things I pointed out in the pictures.

Here is also a picture from the town I live in.

This home belongs to a family in my church and they are so fortunate the tree went right beside the house and only had minor damage.  

**This home is an antebellum home built in the 1800's.  My dad's mom had her picture taken next to this tree when she was 20. She would be in her 90's now and this tree was large then.

To see more photos of the storm damage pictures from AR, TN and MS visit and click on See and Send Storm Photos.

My mom and dad are going to Nashville today for the weekend and I pray they have safe travels.  Last year (this same weekend) they had major flooding and tornadoes in Nashville and here where we are in Mississippi.  My poor Mom had no clue what was going on and had just left the Opry Mills mall before it flooded.  She didn't know what county she was in so when they were issuing warnings she didn't know they meant her. lol.  Thankfully it all turned out ok, but they had to drive through a lot of flooded areas to get back home.  I'm thankful this weekend will be pretty for them.

Finally, here are a few of our Easter pictures. 

I know it's a little weird to be hunting eggs around a head stone lol but we only have these two on our church property and that's where we hid eggs.

Tucker's Easter Bunny Loot

My Easter Cutie

I almost didn't put this picture on here because for some reason this dress makes my tummy look huge!  I obviously need to work on my arms too!

Well guys, I hope your Thursday is great!


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