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Friday, October 21, 2011


It's Friday y'all!  Need I say more?!?!  

Anywho, I am without anything clever to blog about today so I thought I'd just let y'all know that I met Blake Shelton.  Yep that is correct I MET Blake Shelton, and had my picture made with him.  I mean, it was like 7 years ago, but I met him non- the- less. 

This was way back when he had long hair and I was supppper skinny!  He was also still married to his first wife at the time and I met her too.  So, yeah I met him and I sat 4th row at the concert.... he was opening for Toby Keith.  It was pretty awesome.

So, y'all I just want to leave you with this song to get you pumped about the weekend!

LOVE!!!  Have  a great one y'all!


  1. lol thanks! I found it when I was cleaning out one day. I had totally forgotten about meeting him. ;)